Cathedral Schools Trust have been given the green light to open a brand new secondary school for Bristol, set to open in September 2019. The new school will adopt an academic curriculum and specialise in employability skills forging links with the business community.

The Cathedral Enterprise School will be 6 forms of entry (180 students per year group) and aims to provide academic, vocational and professional placement opportunities developing students’ life skills through co-curricular activities. It will prioritise a significant percentage of places for children from low income families. Our proposal is to establish a school, the Cathedral Enterprise School, with the following attributes:

  • Support the most vulnerable young people in Bristol.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on preparation for working life and co-curricular participation, based on three pathways:
    • Traditional academic GCSE and A-Level pathway.
    • Vocational pathway focused on information and creative technologies, business, computer engineering, music, art and design. Delivered via high quality level 2 and level 3 BTECs and apprenticeships.
    • A blended pathway combining the two.
  • Provide an employability award wrapper for all students based on the Passport for Employability in Bristol (PEBL):
    • Employability skills training and development such as technical, communication, analytical, team working and commercial awareness.
    • Mentors from the business world.
    • Careers information, advice and guidance built into the curriculum.
    • Strong links to higher and further education providers both in the south west, and Oxford and Cambridge.
    • Strong links to high quality providers of apprenticeships.
    • Focus on co-curricular activities built into the curriculum including music, sport, performing arts, clubs and societies.
    • Development of skills focused on learning to learn and continuous development.
    • Development of entrepreneurial skills and positive leadership.
    • To promote aspiration and develop confidence, enabling students to formulate and attain their own goals.
  • Provide an extended school day that more closely mirrors the working day.
  • Promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and welcoming of students with different faiths (and no faith) and beliefs. Develop values in a supportive community, which values integrity, optimism, responsibility, service, honesty, generosity and compassion.

Opportunity & Vision

Neil Blundell, Cathedral Schools Trust, Bristol

We are delighted to be given the opportunity to open a much needed secondary school in Bristol. Cathedral Schools Trust is growing and this new school will play an important role in the development of the trust aiming to achieve outstanding outcomes for all our children.

The need for school places is critical and we are committed to working in partnership with the local authority and other educational leaders

to ensure that we secure an appropriate site and build on the rapid improvements in educational outcomes for Bristol children.

Ultimately, we aim to build a school that supports young people in becoming compelling individuals, who are determined, optimistic and emotionally intelligent, with sensitivity to their community and global concerns. They will leave the school with the best possible educational outcomes, in addition to having confidence, ambition and curiosity matched with personal resilience and tenacity.

The Cathedral Schools Trust believes in education that encourages young people to be imaginative, knowledgeable, hopeful and equipped to make significant decisions. It believes children should be safe and it hopes that they will be happy. The Cathedral Schools Trust believes that children will benefit if they learn reverence for one another and for the world. We believe we should all want to live life fully. The Trust welcomes children of all faiths and none.

The Trust hopes to create a community of learning that embraces teachers, students and their families. We recognise the importance of developing partnerships with local communities, other educational establishments, business and the charity sector. We know we can learn from one another and we are sure that good relationships are at the heart of good education. The Trust values diversity and encourages excellence. We hope students will be full of hope and a force for good in the world. Music will play an important role in the life of our schools enhancing the sense of community via performance and celebration. The focus will be on working in partnership, with a rigorous but collegiate approach to support and challenge school leaders, staff and governors. The Multi Academy Trust will be fully inclusive and will include both community schools and Church of England schools. It will support and build leadership and management capacity and it will value and encourage the continual professional learning of staff. We will always seek to improve.

We want every pupil to have:

  • An outstanding, inspiring classroom experience. 
  • An education rooted in values tolerant of other world views and interpretations. 
  • Access to instrumental and vocal lessons with ensemble experience from the classical western, pop and jazz and other world musics.
  • The opportunity to develop academically and personally through access to appropriate curricular and co-curricular education.

The Trust would like to extend the outstanding education and outcomes enjoyed by its students at the Bristol Cathedral Choir School and Cathedral Primary School, to more young people in Bristol. It is a travesty for Bristol that 936 families applied to the Bristol Cathedral Choir School for only 120 places this year. Our hope is that this successful bid will allow more children of Bristol the opportunity to access one of the country's best educational providers.